Quality assurance

Quality assurance
Continually increasing demands for quality products, reliability and durability - the basis of the quality policy implemented by the German manufacturer of boilers Wespe Heizung. Our pride - an unbeatable high quality of the offered equipment capable of providing reliable operation in even the most severe conditions. In order to control the quality of equipment Wespe Heizung passes comprehensive testing on a specially equipped area. Boilers Wespe Heizung undergo testing tool using equipment made ​​under the "Artificial Intelligence". Testing products to minimize the risk of rejection of the boiler to the necessary technical parameters and getting a final consumer.
Testing allows you to control important parameters such as:

Boiler tightness - leaks,
Boiler operation in all modes,
Tripping protection systems, low pressure, leakage currents,
Mode boiler protection from "dry run" - boiler operation without coolant
Circulation pump
These measures allow the boiler to maintain compliance with the requirements of fixed and declared level of product quality.
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